Green Computing

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Over 70% of the computing power produced is not utilized. Over 50% of the Electricity used by computing devices are wasted and simply creates heat. The same goes with the Paper & Ink.

Employee addition means adding computers used at just 5-10% of their capacity & ends up with difficult e-waste. Huge cost is incurred in procurement, running & maintenance.

Reducing power consumption, optimizing computing power, reduction of E-waste, Paper & Ink are the goals of Green Computing.

reduce  Reduce Power Consumption
shared Optimize Computing Power

Technology like IPM+ (Intelligent Power Management) converts computers, laptos etc to 5 Star (*****)  rated  devices. This Award Winning & USA Patented Technology helps you save upto 42% power on your IT infrastructure.  This also means lower heat generation and thus lower cooling cost.

It also helps reduce the Peak Load consumption reducing the Power Infrastructure cost.

Enson Flexi Clients in combination with various virtualization platforms  allows optimum use of computing power.  Typically Shared Computing reduces upto 40% Capital Cost, 50% Operating Cost, 50% E-waste. Not only excellent ROI it offer unmatched flexibility.

Unlike the Zero Clients which bound you to certain platforms, Flexi Clients are designed to adapt with the changing technology.


Reduce Paper & Ink Consumption


With all the E-copies we still have huge print copies created. With printing solution like PaperCut it’s possible to reduce the paper and Ink requirement by 35% and also improving flexibility.  Very critical for organizations with 50 or more seats.

For organizations like Education institutes, Universities, Marketing companies etc with huge print load it brings in excellent management & reporting tool.

Single Hardware housing multiple Operating System optimizes computing power & space. It can be scaled up to provide a Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure (VDI). This address the problem of multiple platforms in the organization. VDI helps in getting best of all multiple platforms and technology and delivering it on the same endpoint devices including mobile and tablets.

For smaller setups solutions like TSPlus adds lot of value.

We choose & integrate best components for a virtual environment for your need.