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Information technology has transformed the education - Both the way Education is delivered and the way institutions are managed.  IT infrastructure is at the core of this transformation.

 learning tools  Learning Tools
 management tools Management Tools

Interactive tools like Smart board, Smart Projectors, Panels etc coupled with interactive content and tools has taken the learning experience to a different level. It has transformed the Class rooms. Even the way we learn language is re-defined.

While it improves the learning, it helps the teachers deliver better results with lower stress.

From a register based management to an Education ERP it has seen a sea change. All the functions of the Education starting from Admission to  Fees collection to Transport management to Examination are transformed. Even the parent side interaction has changed for the better.

 green comp ic Green Computing
 security 1 Secured Cyberway

Over 70% of the computing power produced is not utilized. Over 50% of the Electricity used by computing devices are wasted and simply creates heat.

Our green computing initiative works towards the optimization of computing infrastructure for better utilization. We also help save upto 42% power on computers.

Our green computing efforts in the whole exercise also improves effectiveness, reduces management cost, reduces e-waste and improves the device life cycle. A win-win all way without compromising on productivity & user experience.

Management of the Institution is responsible for the Internet Bandwidth and are directly responsible for any mis-use. Managing Internet Bandwidth, Content and Usage ensuring security is not easy.  With large no of students it becomes even more challenging.  

NCS integrates robust end point - Network -, Application - Gateway security with proven credentials.

Security is never better than the team which handles it. As they say “Man behind the Gun” matters. Team NCS with over 1000 Man Years of experience & handling over 8000 businesses and over 4 million end points brings that expertise for you.

 manage 1 Simplified Info-Infra
 sec traing Specialized Licensing & Training

Institutions requires an infrastructure which can be easily managed and anyone can take charge of. All this while it ensures proper delivery all the time. We help stream line the IT infrastructure starting from better networks, to Audits, Mail management, Asset Management etc.

We integrate Surveillance for further integration with IT framework.

We work out very special deals for the institutions for Special Education Price Licensing.

Our training division conducts special training courses  on Security, ITIL, Green Computing etc and act as a finishing school for better success.